- Please do not enter the studio until your teacher opens the studio door. We are often completing preparations for class and will open the door when we are ready for students to enter.

- All dance students should enter the studio with their dance shoes on (please avoid wearing "street shoes" on the dance floor).

- If you drop off your student early, or are late to pick them up, they will be un-supervised in the waiting room. Supervision is the parent's responsibility before and after all classes.

- When students enter the studio they should place their belongings in the cubby holes or along the side walls, take a seat on their number, or begin to stretch while they wait for class to begin. To avoid injuries, we ask that students do not run around the studio.

- Always allow the prior class to exit the studio before you enter - this will greatly help the flow from one class to the next.

- Please silence or turn off all cell phones when in the dance studio (fine in the waiting room).

- ONLY water is permitted in the dance studio.

- Please help keep our waiting room clean - we ask that you do not eat in the studio or waiting room.

- Please use the restroom before class.

- If you have a question or concern, email is the best way to address these for the quickest response. We ask that you limit questions/concerns in between classes as it cuts into instructional time.

- All dancers ages 3-7 are required to have a dance bag to store their shoes.

- All tuition and paperwork should always be placed in the pink TUITION box located in the waiting room. If you are paying with cash, please make sure you place the money in an envelope labeled with your student's name. Checks do not need to be placed in an envelope.





Students should have their hair secured away from their face, no jewelry, no gum!

- Ballet: leotard (any style, any color), footed tights, ballet skirts and leg warmers are optional

- Jazz & Tap: same as ballet, jazz pants/shorts/capris are permitted

- Hip Hop: comfortable clothing (yoga pants, shorts, t-shirts)



- In the event of inclement weather, the studio will not follow school district closings. We do not offer make ups for any missed classes due to inclement weather.





- Retail (shoes, leotards, tights) will only be ordered the first week of each month (with the exception of September).

- Please size your shoe (located on the book shelves), or use the retail book to size tights and leotards.

- Fill out the Retail Order Form and place that with your monies in the TUITION box.




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