v  Virtual Class is offered for any dancer who is not ready to come back to in person classes.

v  Face Coverings will be required at all times for ALL dancers & staff when in the building. We are very hopeful that once our state moves forward, we can ease up on this and make them optional while STILL strongly encouraged.
v  Drop Off/Pick Up Only 
v  CLOSED waiting room. 
v  CLOSED water fountains. Please bring a water bottle labeled with your name.
v  CLOSED break room.
v  Bathroom is for true EMERGENCY only – we ask if possible that you please go before or after you come to the studio (of course those who are there for hours are an exception).
v  Sanitation of the studio after each class.
v  Either no props at all, or very limited use. Sanitation of any props used.
v  Dance classes have been reduced in size to ensure social distancing.
v  The dance floors have been taped to clearly display socially distanced spacing.
v  Temperature checks for all who enter the building (above 100.4 and we will ask you to forgo class that day).
v  Dancers will be required to have a bag to keep all belongings.
v  Should the studio close due to COVID, we will return to ZOOM until we can reopen the building. No refunds will be given, however if you do not wish to continue virtually, we will not continue to charge you.

It is important to note, at the end of the day, we are working with children.  While DE will take every precaution to keep our facility COVID safe and will enforce all COVID safety measures to the best of our abilities, there are no guarantees. If you are uncomfortable with that at all, we strongly suggest you take advantage of our virtual option (you can always come back to class when you are ready).



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