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2020-2021 SCHEDULE

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Toddler Ballet

A great introduction to dance for your little ballerina! In this class we will explore the fundamentals of ballet and creative movement through sing along songs, props, games, across the floor and stretching. Our goal in this class is to give little budding ballerinas an introduction to dance in a fun and engaging way! Toddler Ballet does not participate in the recital, but will have an end of the year showing in class.

ATTIRE: leotard, footed tights, hair up, ballet shoes.

Ages 3-4 Ballet/Tap

Our goal is to teach your young dancer fundamentals of ballet, creative movement, and tap in a fun environment.  We teach ballet & tap terminology through creative warm ups, fun sing a long songs, call and repeat exercises, across the floor exercises, and group activities such as circle time. While we teach in a fun manner, it is important to us that ballet and tap concepts and techniques are being taught and dancers progress each week in their skills. Ages 3-4 ballet/tap perform in the end of the year recital.

*tumble: dancers will learn the basics of ACRO such as handstands, cartwheels, and somersaults as well as strength and conditioning exercises to help develop those skills.

ATTIRE: leotard, footed tights, hair up, ballet shoes, tap shoes.

Ages 5-7 Ballet/Tap/Hip Hop

In this class dancers will build upon the skills they learned in the ages 3-4 ballet/tap class as well as receive an introduction to hip hop technique.  This class incorporates intricate warm ups to gain flexibility, terminology, and body awareness. They will progress these skills in across the floor exercises each week building on concepts as they go into across the floor combinations.  As the year progresses, they will move warm up from the center of the floor to the ballet barre.  Tap will expand on the knowledge learned in ages 3-4 to build progressions, rhythmic combinations and combinations of various steps.  The hip hop portion of class will consist of cardio, strengthening, rhythm exercises and fun combinations to popular songs the dancers already know and love! Ages 5-7 will participate in the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: leotard, tights, hair up, ballet shoes, tap shoes.

Ages 8 and up Ballet/Jazz/Tap 

These classes are built for our recreational dancers, students who love to move and learn new vocabulary and enjoy taking dance for fun.  Dancers will learn how to define, perform, and spell dance terminology based on the level of class (ages 8-10 level 1, ages 11-13 level 2 and ages 14 and up level 3).  Age is just a guideline in these classes, if you have a dancer who has danced for years and is only 12, they can still participate in ages 14 and up if parents, dancer, and studio feel that child is ready. Classes included stretching, conditioning, across the floor, and learning various dance combinations utilizing techniques learned. Ages  8 & Up participate in the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: leotard, tights, hair up, ballet/jazz/tap shoes.

Tot Pop

Ages 4-7

A hip hop class for our littles! Younger and looking to see what hip hop is all about? Try tot pop! Taken ages 5-7 ballet/tap/hip hop before and just really loved the hip hop portion? Take tot pop! This class will cover basics of hip hop along with strength and conditioning.  There will be heavy emphasis on choreography.  Tot pop participates in the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: comfortable clothing, hip hop shoes will be ordered mid year.  


Roughly ages 8-12 or limited experience

A great class for our dancers who just love to MOVE! This class is high energy! The focus of this class is to keep your dancer moving and to learn some of the latest dance moves that are popular right now.  This class is a great introductory to dance to see if you like it, or a great supplement to your ballet/jazz/tap classes -- only 30 minutes long and meets once a week! Dancers will stretch, condition, participate in across the floor exercises and combinations as well as work on new dances every month or so.  This class is focused mostly on learning choreography and the newest dance moves. Hip Hop 1 participates in the end of the year recital. Music and dance steps are age appropriate. 

ATTIRE: comfortable clothing you can move in (no jeans or skirts),  hip hop shoes will be purchased mid year. 


Roughly ages 13 and up or several years experience

For our more advanced hip hop dancer.  This class will focus more on the breakdown of hip hop steps and combinations as well as dive into concepts such as isolations and intro to break dancing. There is also a heavy emphasis on choreography and learning various dances to various hip hop songs. Music and dance steps are age appropriate.   

ATTIRE: comfortable clothing, hip hop shoes will be purchased mid year.



Level 1, 2, or 3 (this class is not designed for new dancers)

This class is a great supplement to your regular classes.  We will go in depth with stretching to really meet those flexibility goals; stretching for longer amounts of time and utilizing props such as yoga blocks, stretch buddies, weights and therabands.  Turns will be broken down in multiple ways also utilizing props such as yoga blocks, balance boards, and therabands to really help understand the mechanics of proper placement and technique.  Various combinations will be taught depending on level. Leaps will be broken down as well to better understand how to get the height and technique needed to properly execute the movement to the best of your ability. A wide variety of leaps will be covered as well as leap combinations; all level depending. Stretch, Leap, Turn does not participate in the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: leotard, tights, dance shorts, sports bras.


Another great class to supplement your regular classes, gain extra technique or really dive into the intricate world of ballet curriculum. This class is teacher permission only, please reach out to the studio if you are interested in our elite ballet program and we can guide you. Elite 1 is for our younger advanced dancers and our elite 2 is for our older advanced dancers.  We also offer OPEN elite which is an open age division for any dancer looking for more studio time, extra work on technique, or strengthening to get ready  for those higher level classes. Elite Ballet does participate in the end of year recital.

ATTIRE: black leotard, pink tights, hair in a bun, ballet shoes.  

Offering both VIRTUAL & IN PERSON classes!

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